Founded in 2014

Limn is a verb that means to emote or describe in paintings or words. Limn Entertainment opened its doors in April 2014 as a company that provides entertainment to its clients and also one that caters to needs related to your events.

Founders note



My passion for pursuing a career in music and entertainment traces its roots back to 2007, when I began taking lessons for DJing, during my undergrad studies in Malaysia. A culmination of both personal ambition and some peer pressure, little did I know that this would influence the course of my life professionally. In 2014, I founded Limn Entertainment, as a two-person enterprise – a realisation of the dream I had harboured all through my educational trajectory. Armed with no real plan and bare minimum knowledge of most things related to this industry, I started a business venture that I anticipated would cater to the entertainment needs of people across the country.

Limn is a bunch of young, hip, like-minded individuals who endeavor to bridge the gap between consumers’ and businesses’ desires and needs through various forms of entertainment. Be it private shows or shows across public domains, managing multi-genre focused talent or helping other talent with pan-Indian bookings, entertainment for your wedding functions or for your corporate event – we do it all. Our team is committed to providing unmatched levels of service quality, at the most competitive rates and packages that are tailor-made for your needs. For those who are curious, ‘Limn’ is an English word that means to ‘emote or describe in paintings or words.’ This isn’t removed from our overall service offering, wherein we understand your needs and deliver personalised solutions by bringing your desired entertainment module to life. Of course, we do it all while making this a fun and engaging process; after all – what is life without entertainment?

We look forward to seeing you somewhere sometime.

Divij Kaul


Entertainment Solutions Tailor Made For You!

We provide various entertainment services and solutions to our clients which can be broadly termed under talent management, music programming & consultancy, artist bookings, brand engagements and activation, wedding services, and events and entertainment curation. We are ever ready to help you ideate, conceptualize and deliver your desires and needs to the best we can!



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